Discover the Beauty and History of the Chateau de Mores


Unearthing the rich history, cultural significance and architectural magnificence of the Chateau de Mores, this article will definitely captivate your interest. Being one of the prominent historic sites in North Dakota, the Chateau de Mores isn’t only breathtaking but packs fascinating tales and heritage.

Chateau de Mores: An Unmissable Landmark

Built by Antoine de Vallombrosa, the Marquis de Mores in 1883, the Chateau served as a hunting lodge and summer home for the de Mores family. Situated on a hill overlooking the Little Missouri River, the historic site represents wealth, ambition, and adventure of a by-gone era.

Architectural Grandeur of the Chateau de Mores

Designed by W.R. Oliver, it’s a 26-room, two-story frame building, modeled on the Swiss Chalet style. It boasts of its faux-bois, the technique of imitation wood in a number of interior design finishes. The Chateau showcases a wonderful mix of tradition, style and innovation.

Historical Significance of the Chateau de Mores

The Chateau signifies the prominence of the buffalo meat packing industry during the 1880s. As the owner, Marquis de Mores, brought here a revolutionary idea of slaughtering and packaging buffalo meat at the ranch instead of shipping live animals.

Chateau de Mores as a Cultural Treasure

An open window to the past, the Chateau de Mores provides an inside look at the opulent lifestyle of the aristocratic de Mores family. The interpretive center at the site illustrates Marquis de Mores’s endeavors in North Dakota, featuring a collection of original artifacts.

Exploring the Surroundings of the Chateau

Being surrounded by 128 acres of land that includes De Mores Memorial Park, Chimney Park and a South Warehouse, it offers numerous opportunities for outdoor exploration and immersing in the beauty of North Dakota.

Thrilling Events at the Chateau

Exceptionally, the Chateau extends a chance to experience history in a more engaging way through various events such as History Alive!, Cookin’ on the Cattle Drive, and Night at the Museum.

The Legacy of the Chateau de Mores

Currently managed by North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, the Chateau de Mores is a testimonial of the dream of one larger-than-life man, perpetuating his memory to future generations.


Brimming with exciting tales, an enthralling history and an impressive panorama, the Chateau de Mores is undeniably a hidden gem. It stands as a constant reminder of North Dakota’s rich history, cultural impact and the relentless spirit of the man who built it, the Marquis de Mores.

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